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Matching the right horse with the right rider

                        Finding the Right Match

Our mission at the Mountain View Ranch is to Match the Right Horse with the Right Person so that a lifelong connection is possible. In order to achieve our mission - we offer optional services to assist prospective buyers in choosing their new equine partner and/or to help matched horses and riders leave the MVR with confidence and skills needed for a successful transition home.  Read more below on our Ranch philosophy and services:



 Lesson Testimonial


Dear Letitia,

I want to thank you again for one of the most enjoyable rides I've had.  Your horses (Cash and Vegas) made the experience very relaxing and fun, and if I lived closer, I would sign up for lessons!  You are a fantastic instructor, as well.  I learned a lot from you, and much of what you said "clicked" with me for the first time.  I didn't realize that I had been in the ring for two hours until I got back in my car.   So please accept another $50 for your time.  I really got a lot out of it, even if I had to leave Vegas behind!

Note from co-owner Letitia Sisters:

"One of my beliefs, is that horses come into our lives to bring us growth and learning and it is a process that at times can be challenging.  I also believe, that as we work through those lessons together with our horse, we benefit immensely from the growing and learning.  Through the relationship with our horse, our awareness deepens in the vast world of horse knowledge and connection (and beyond).

I still, after 35 years of living with horses, find myself experiencing  lessons/challenges in my world of horses.  I choose to see it as a gift and an agreement I entered into when I chose to be in a horse relationship.  Often times the transition period of new horse and new owner brings up some "stuff".  As the relationship deepens and communication and skill is gained between horse and rider, comfort is achieved -with the disclaimer, until the next "stuff" comes up!  Learning is an inevitable part of what we sign up for when we enter into relationship with these magnificent animals we choose to spend our lives with!

However, the transition period is especially challenging as you are figuring each other out.  I don't want you to think I am saying that the relationship between horse and human is always hard. But how "hard" it is - is often in our choices of how we approach the challenge. In other words, is this "hard" or is this "growth/learning".  

Our clinics may be just the thing to help you face your challenges and give you new tools, help determine whether a horse is "the one", set a successful stage for your new relationship, or fine tune new and old skills."


Creating Connection, Communication & Confidence

This one or two day private clinic is personalized to address your unique goals. This includes:

  • Determining whether a perspective horse is your right match

  • Setting the ground work for a successful transition home with your new horse

  • Deciding whether horse ownership is the right choice at this time

  • Gaining confidence and skills in the saddle and on the ground

  • Overcoming fears

  • Learning tools to increase equine communication

  • Learning Natural Horsemanship training tools

  • Identifying problem areas in both horse and rider and finding solutions

  • Increased riding skill

Letitia, co-owner of the Mountain View Ranch, was motivated to create these personalized clinics to assist riders in creating connection with their horse partners. Specifically, she has consistently found that the transition of new horse ownership to be much smoother for both horse and owner when new owners receive individual coaching with their new horse. As new owners, we bring our fears, issues and needs to the new relationship. The horse brings his anxiety and confusion created by new owners, new environments, new disciplines and expectations.

When buying a horse or choosing a horse from the Mountain View Ranch, you can work with Letitia and MVR staff to learn to effectively communicate your needs and learn the needs of your horse. Letitia combines her training knowledge of your prospective horse and her teaching expertise which greatly helps in creating an understanding relationship and thus a smoother transition at your own barn. Whether you are sure of your new choice of equine partner, trying to determine a good match or just want to increase your skills – these clinics are designed to bring you confidence, connection, communication and practical skills.


One day Private Clinic (3 hours consultation): $150.00

  • Goal setting and identifying problem areas and solutions

  • 2 hour Riding and Handling private lesson that focuses on the above determinations

  • Homework

  • Optional horse board (bringing own horse in) $25 per night

  • Optional lodging 2 bedroom condo $100 per night

Two day Intensive (5 hours consultation): $250

  • Goal setting and identifying problem areas and solutions

  • 2 hour Riding and Handling private lesson that focuses on the above determinations

  • 1 ½ hour private lesson

  • Homework

  • Practice time at the Ranch

  • Conclusion session

  • Optional horse board (bringing own horse in) $25 per night

  • Optional lodging 2 bedroom condo $100 per night

Lessons (1 hour private) $50:

The Mountain View Ranch offers private lessons to help perspective buyers find the right equine match. Although, we may have a great understanding of who our horses are and what their ideal partner would be, it can be difficult to help match the rider just through a phone call or a horse introduction. It is very helpful in assisting the match making, when we are able to assess the perspective owners needs and horsemanship skills as well. We assist you in a lesson setting by sharing our first hand knowledge and training of the horse and helping you increase the riding skills needed to effectively ride the horse you chose. As we work together to create connection and understanding between you and the horse you are interested in, you gain confidence in the big decision of choosing you next equine partner. Whether the horse you chose turns out to be “the one” or not, we and you learn more about the qualities of your next ideal horse. If we don't currently have the right match, we will continue to search for the right partner.