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Matching the right horse with the right rider


Ms Popins

Dear Letitia, 

Thank you so much for helping me at your barn! I think it was really fun being at a new barn and seeing how barns do things a lot different.  I am so glad I chose Miss Poppins because I think she's the perfect one for me!  When I ride her a rush of happiness slides through my body! When I trot I feel like I'm on a baby foal because I've always ridden old mares.  But when I lope on her I feel like I'm flying.  Even if I don't ride and just roundpen I'm still happy.  Even if it's raining and I just get to visit her i'm still happy.  Miss Poppins was the best birthday present ever! But she was even more than a birthday present! I am still in shock I got her for my birthday and have my own horse.  I kept on hearing when ever I asked when I could get a horse, in a couple years, in a couple years!!! But finally I got the perfect horse for me.  I am so lucky to have such a great horse!!

                                                                                  Thank You, Sincerely Katie age 10


Katie and Ms. Poppins are having a ball together.  They participated in their first Gymkhana together last weekend.  Not sure if Poppy has done anything like that before because she was definitely excitable at first, but calmed down after a little work and they had a great day together.  They got a 4th and 5th in two events, one of which was an open class.  SO all and all it was a great first event together.  I will continue to send you pics along the way.  Thanks, Jen

Serena and Vegas

 Hi Letitia,

We purchased Vegas for my 7 year old daughter Serena. We had been meaning to contact you and let you know he is doing great, fits in with the rest of our horses and has been fabulous for Serena to handle. She has also grown a lot this summer and has been out on several trail rides with us riding independently and confidently. I will attach a picture or two of her on him. Hope things are well in Vermont.

Thanks, Alison

Heather and Twister


Starbucks and Emily

I wanted to pass along a picture of Starbuck( we call him Bucky)! He had an awesome summer. Such a sweet boy. He is taking very good care of me; and we have a lot of fun together.We hope to do some winter trail riding soon. Hopefully I will have more pictures to send along.

This was a photo that was taken over the fall out on his first trail ride away from the barn. We went to a state park. 

 I wanted to say I read your story about Lucky. Shayla is an amazing little girl. I hope he makes a full recovery.

 Happy Holidays!

Emmy and Bucky

Gulliver and Darcy

Hi Letitia,
I have attached some photos of Gulliver in his new home.  He is doing fantastic!  He and my mare became fast friends almost immediately and he seems very content here.  I could not be happier with my new guy!!  He is EXACTLY what I was hoping to find!  I have been taking lessons on him since I got him home and the lessons are going very well.  Gulliver is so easy to work with!  He is very willing to try everything I ask of him and he is so calm and quiet but also very affectionate.  He is definitely my new best friend!

I’ve taken Gulliver on lots of rides around my house and I have trail
ered him to other locations to ride with other people a couple of times.  Each time he has done very well.  Both times that I took him to other locations the other riders commented on how good natured he was, and how calm, willing and trusting he was.  They were very surprised when they heard how young he is, and also how short a time I have had him so far.  One ride was a trail association group ride and one of the other riders was so smitten with Gulliver that she asked for your contact and website information so that she could try to find another one just like him!

Just wanted to let you know that Gully is doing very well.  He has definitely found his forever home – I am not giving up this guy for anything!

Thanks for taking so much time with me while I was trying to make my decision.  I definitely chose the right horse and am thrilled with him. Thanks- D’arcy

Hali and CoCo (previously Kit Kat)

Hi Letitia- Kit Kat, renamed Coco, is doing wonderful.  We absolutely love her and her sweet nature. Coco is a great horse, who clearly has had training and was handled with care in the past. She's a pleasure to ride, always ready to work and easy to work around. 

Coco has become best friends with our Thoroughbred gelding.  They enjoy grazing together, riding trails and grooming each other.  We feel so fortunate to have her.  Thank you for everything and we look forward to seeing you again.

Hali and Joe

Pluto and Sam

This is Sam riding Pluto, 2010.Sam had a great time at camp and we thank
you for everything. 

We'll see you soon,
Sam, Dave, and Andrea.


Sock's (now known as Brodie) and Lindsey

Hey guys!

I just wanted to give you a little update on Barodie.  He is absolutely perfect, and I love him to death.  We are both happy that spring is here, so we can ride with my mom and her house almost daily.  I have taken him sorting, up and down the roads, and out on many trails.  He couldn't be any better.  I'm so glad I got him!  Hope everything is going great up there!   Happy Spring :)   Thanks Again, Lindsey

Lesson Testimonial

Dear Letitia,

I want to thank you again for one of the most enjoyable rides I've had.  Your horses(Vegas and Cash) made the experience very relaxing and fun, and if I lived closer I would sign up for lessons!  You are a fantastic instructor, as well.  I learned a lot from you, and much of what you said "clicked" with me for the first time I'm sorry that buying Vegas right now is going to be too much of a stretch for us, but I wanted to show my appreciation to you and your staff for a great day.  In fact, I didn't realize that I had been in the ring for two hours until I got back to my car.  So please accept another $50 for your time.  I really got a lot our of it, even if I had to leave Vegas Behind!

Best wishes, and Happy Winter!

Button's New Home

Gillian and Mae

We just wanted to give you an update on Mae. Gillian has been working with Mae quite a bit and it seems that Mae is quite happy.She is very sweet and she and Gillian are building a great relationship. When Gillian does ground work with her and lets Mae go on liberty in the ring Mae follows Gillian around like a puppy. They trot together and have a ball. She loves our other horse Norman. 

Gillian is hoping to do some shows with her this Spring and Summer and she is getting regular lessons from our great trainer Tara. Mae loves lots of TLC and she gets it plus lots of carrots and cookies from us. Thanks Becky, Gillian and Mae


Racheal and Jake

Jake is doing amazing and I am enjoying him so much.

Smokey, John, and Terri

Hi just wanted to let you know how Smokey is settling in.  He has become great buddies with his two pasture mates.  The grand kids have been working with him also.  He seems to have a really great personality and I have nick named him houdini as he seems to be able to open doors, squeeze into places that he should not fit and appear out of no where when I am out in the barn.   I have let the kids ride with halter and lead rope and am using a hackamore on him.  We are very happy with him and need to thank you for matching us with a good hubby horse. 

Thanks again, Terri & John Senecal


Vinny and Ona

Hi guys - "Vinny" has settled in nicely in his new home, and he is just the sweetest little thing! He seems to love hanging around with people, follows me around in the pasture, comes up to be caught, and is super quiet and pleasant to handle and ride. We've done a couple of short rides and some simple ring work so far, and he's unbothered by most anything, even other horses running around or acting up, or the farmer driving past us with the huge manure spreader. I also discovered he's clever enough to look down and watch the ground if we cross a rough spot. He gets along well with all the horses, and is best friends with my old mare. I'm glad I found him!

Ona Kiser

Grace and Apple

Dear Mountain View Ranch,
Thank you so much for all your great advice and for matching us up with Apple. She truly is the "Apple of Everybody's Eye". She loves attention and is so gentle. Our daughter finally is getting interested in riding again. Grace had Apple in a nice canter yesterday and both rider and horse were enjoying the exercise. Although Apple loves a treat now and again, she's not pushy about it like some horses can be. She also is so good around our little dog who loves to run beside her during trail rides. Thanks again. We look forward to our next visit to your ranch. - The Stones

Ranger and Alison

"Ranger settling in quite nicely.

 I will keep you posted on our progress. He's handled everything
pretty calmly so far - in fact, for his first time in our round pen,
he seemed rather unimpressed with my "natural horsemanship" exercises.
While I was trying to whisper sweet horse nothings into his cute,
brown ears, he responded like Archie Bunker - he did his job, but was
kinda like "whatever... I'll trot in a circle, but I'd rather have my
dinner." I'm coming to love his comically exhausted attitude.

The people at my barn think he's cute as a bug, and keep commenting on
his brown knee-highs. I'm learning more about him every day - he seems
to recognize me now, even if it's just as that nutso lady who
kidnapped him and stuffed him in a rolling Altoids tin for 12 hours.

Have a great weekend! -Allison "

Blumens and Attey

"Attey is enjoying her new home and her new best friend Dayna.  They have
about 7 acres of pasture and a run in barn.  The barn is Dayna's comfort
place and she happily shares it with Attey.  They are best buddies and are
always together.  They will even share a grain bucket!  Dayna does seem to
be boss mare but she does not rule with the iron fist she did with her old
pasture mate Jack.

Attey has had many riders including my young neice and nephew who rode her
by themselves - which they have never done.She is a real doll and whinnies that low deep whinny whenever she sees a
person.  She has enjoyed eating cornstalks, carrot tops and broccoli
plants as the garden is cleaned out and recycled to horse feed.  She has
also been enjoying the fall apples from our wild trees. Thanks!

Cindy and Steve"


Teddy and Bear at High Knoll Equestrian Center

Teddy and Bear are doing great!  Can't thank you enough for how wonderful everyone was during our purchase.  And as I said when I was there, we were so impressed with your farm, your horses (and their wonderful behavior and temperaments!) as well as your staff.  And we made it home before the snow storm so that was great. 
Teddy and Bear have both undergone (and passed with flying colors!) our therapeutic training and are preparing to start giving therapeutic riding lessons this summer.  They are also involved in the lesson program.  Teddy loves the little kids, and Bear likes the adults!  They have their "I am a haflinger pony" moments for sure, but they are good guys!  We measured them for their harnesses and just got a wagon, so we are excited to get them on the cart and play with some driving with them also!
They are turned out together on a big grass paddock so they love that, and get to go out on trail rides every week to keep things fresh.  Teddy is going to be in the lead line classes next month at some local shows. Teddy also got to go ski joring this winter, and he LOVED it!  They both have shed their winter fuzzies and have beautiful dapples this spring!  I will attach a pic of Teddy ski joring and one of him in a therapeutic riding demo at an equine fair.  I will have to get some recent pics and send them your way. 
Hope all is well and thanks again,
Jess Lawler and High Knoll Equestrian Center"

Babe and Philene

"THANK YOU!!  I LOVE HER!!  She is the sweetest horse ever and we are having so much fun.  I decided when winter comes I am going to board her inside and do some dressage training and join the drill team again (my favorite!).  I will send pictures soon. Best, Philene"


Smokey Joe and Janet

Hi Latitia and John,
 I am writing about Cherokee (who I have renamed "Smokey Joe").
He is the sweetest, most lovable horse I have ever met and has added great joy to my life.
He has fit in well with my herd, loves the mares and is working things out with my gelding, Sully. He has also been out on some trail rides, alone and with Hanem's horse, Breeze (who is his first love at the farm!), and is totally awesome.  He is quite the thinker but is willing to do just about anything I ask of him.

Deuce and Stephanie

Hey Everyone,
Duece and I are doing great. We went to our first schooling at the 
Hitching Post a few weeks ago and he did awesome. I am hoping to do a 
few eventing shows this summer, which he loves.I just remembered that I had mentioned that I was going to email you a picture of Deuce and I, so here is one from the summer at a show. Thank You !!!

Stephanie Simpson"


Devon and Sawyer

"Hi everyone!
Just thought I'd write to give you an update on Sawyer. He's been in his new home now for a week and I've ridden him quite a few times and he's doing so awesome! We've been doing natural horsemanship ground work and he is so smart! Sawyer so far has been so well behaved on the ground and under the saddle. We've done trail rides, ring work, and we've ridden next door which is a Christmas Tree farm and all the people were commenting on how gorgeous my horse is! Hope all is well up in Vermont, Thank you so much for pairing me with such a great boy, he's gotten very relaxed and everyone at the barn is so impressed by him!


Steve and Junior

Last summer I learned to ride at your ranch (Thank You Caitlin!)  and you found me a horse which I bought and have been absolutely thrilled with.  You might remember Junior (Avalon Junior Barnes) .  He is the calmest, smartest horse and is perfect for a beginner like me.  He's grown some and his white markings are becoming more pronounced. 
A year ago I never would have pictured myself this comfortable with a horse or as interested in doing things with him.
Anyway, I've meant for a while to send a message or stop by to say thanks, particularly to Caitlin, for being a great teacher and for picking out an awesome, perfectly matched horse.   My only regret in buying Junior is I lost my excuse to come to he ranch for trail rides! -Steve" 


Brittney and Megas Scenic Chick

"Hello Everyone,
 I hope you all had a great summer!  Brittany and Chick are like two peas in a pod.  Both are doing great!  Chick has adjusted fine and has made many friends at the new barn.  Brittany has been riding her often and she is practicing her jumping and lead changes. Chick is now in a large stall with a paddock. Chick is so good to Brittany.  I feel she thinks she is her mother.  When Brittany comes to see her Chick will nozzle her and smell her hair. They were meant to be.  Thank you for your help and support!  We hope to visit sometime next summer.
 Lisa Toczko"

Regina Downey and Dancer

 Regina says, 'Dancer is delightful. She is willing, well mannered and fun.'

Regina could not be happier with her and we thank our instructor Kara Riley-King for pointing us in your direction. But most of all we THANK ALL OF YOU for taking the time to speak with us, especially after what must have been a long day for all of you!
And especially, John, thank you for taking Dancer to us. I think that helped in the transition, having you stay with her a bit. Thanks again.
Warm regards,
Anne Lamoriello

Registered Name: Freckles Tivio Dancer

Registered American Quarter Horse

Sire: Playboy Jose

Dam: Golden Miss Sugar

Born: April 6, 1997 in Randolph, Alabama


Dancer’s granddad is Freckles Playboy – a AQHA Hall of Fame horse, World Champion (1977), Top Ten World Show (1978), NCHA money earner ($59,976); ROM Performance (1978). Equistat Top Ten Leading Cutting Sire list, AQHA ROM, NRHA and Equistat All Time leading cutting sire.

Kit and Kathleen

"Sharing a positive experience like mine and Kit's would be a nice thing to share with other horse lovers. I hope everyone that gets a horse from your ranch has that same instant connection like Kit and I. I am so excited to learn and grow with her and hope the warm Spring weather is here really soon. I will keep in touch about her fun adventures to come and I will try very hard not to "brag" about my perfect horse.
Take Care,

Kit and her new Owner Kathleen of Lincoln, Vermont April 1, 2008 

Dream Girl at her new home at Rocky Knoll Stables

"Here are some pics from the day Dream Girl came to her new home.  She did so
well.  I took her for a walk around the property today and she was like a
BIG puppy dog following me around.  She even came into the garage with me.
Everyone here has absolutely fallen in love.  I am so happy you guys sent
the e-mails out and I was able to find a great pony like this one!!

Thank you!

~Ariel V. Channell
Rocky Knoll Stables"


 "Thought i'd update you on Shiloh (purchased in June 2008). 

Shiloh has been renamed "Candy" because she's been a sweet mare.  Our vet and farrier like her a lot.  John, who'd previously had a bad experience with horses, happily rides her.  Even being ridden 1-2x/week she's been good and sane.  In fact she has been his "rehab" horse after his knee surgery.  We've enjoyed getting her to learn new skills like bathes, loading in the trailer easily, leg yielding, etc.  My morgan has gained great confidence being on the trail with her and she gets along very well with him. 
Thanks so much - John & Anita Prickett"

Tyson, Ashley, and Family

"I live in Vermont and we just bought Tyson. He is like the best horse ever. He is in a good home and is already loving it. He is sooo spoiled. I love him so much and so does everyone else. Thank you guys so much- Ashley"

Congratulations to Tyson and new owner Ashley-May 10, 2008

Zada and Sugar

Congratulations to new owner Zada and her horse Sugar! May 25,2008

Amber, Cocoa, and Family